Effect that Light has on Home decoration!

Ramsin Interior decoration: Maybe it came to your attention that Color Blue in the bed room, the room Feels Cold all the sudden.
In general change in colors of wall or Sofas in Home interior is the outcome of natural or artificial light in Home.
There is a possibility that you like a color but realized that, that color didn’t look good on the wall. So, to avoid this problem after picking a color and applying it on the wall is best to follow these key points.
Best solution without spending any money or time is to have a sample of the picked color for the wall or piece of fabric or textile for the sofa under the day light and observe it.
For this method you can paint a piece of wood or corner or side of the wall and during day or even night observe it under the light till you see the effect that light has on it.
Florescent lamp light has a lot of effect on color. color blue in the mountain regions that during has little sun light and the weather is clouded and has a lot of rain. Makes the interior colors darker. For example, exterior cladding that is observed in sunny areas when used in cold area that receives less light won’t look pretty and Luminant.
Make sure you find the light direction and navigate where is south and north in your home. If your home is built on the path to north there is a chance that it feels cold and slow.
For this reason, its best to avoid cold colors that would make the space cold and passive. And for the same reason use of warmer color shades would make your home welcoming and cozy.
If the direction of your home is north-south side and has a lot of light instead of using warm colors that would make your home look warmer, using light and colder colors to even it out.
If you room is dark, usage of color white or bright color won’t have much effect. Color white will look dark gray without enough light. When sun light is beamed from high up and perpendicular to the room would have the effect of even color on surfaces. Try to using dimmer light switches and use direct light in the whole room.
Paint always look darker when dried. If you wan to see the paint in final form and after paint job is finished use that particular paint on a piece of oil paper (a paper that won’t absorb water) try it and let it dry up to see finished out of the paint.
Neutral colors can look very passive and lifeless under intense and direct sunlight or under artificial lamp at night. Best to use intense colors for designing such room and areas. Note that paint job will look different when dried.
For example, the eggshell glossy paint looks much brighter matt one. Also, when you paint an even wall and smooth wall and if you paint an uneven wall with rough surface, when finished the outcome the even surface looks much brighter. Halogen light makes the color of furniture and room area much real and natural compare to normal lightbulbs

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