Decorating pots and plates with dried flowers

Decoration design Ramsin:
If you have a clay vase and is collecting dust sitting in a corner of storage room, we have few suggestions for you.
You can transform this flower vases to different forms with dried up rose flower.
all you have to do glue the dried flower leaves to the vase body.
However small you cut the leaves and glue the vase surface fully it will look better. You can always use other color dried flower leaves.
You can cover the clay flower pots with moss and spin a Willow brand around it and decorate it with that. We will glue the moss with hot glue or wood glue and we will place the Willow Brand and keep it in form with a wire and cut off extra extended part of the branch. Also attached several jungle fruits branches such as grape branch with leaves and make them face down hanging from the Willow branch. We have few dried and empty artichokes that we will use them as handle holders, next to every of these artichokes we will decorate them with 2 flowers and a Papillion and dried fruit.
• Other decoration
For another decoration we will use a basket that we will also cover the surface of it with moss and decorate round it with pine fruits.
Also use very dried sponge special for flower decoration and cover it moss and place it inside the basket.
we will paint the flower leaves using spray and textile paint. Wait 5 min for this powder paints to mix well with water and we will place dried flowers like little green plants or lentil plant in water, we let it absorb the colors. Then we will boil it, till it gets the inked color. There is another color that we will use to color the leaves an ink used for wood it is called carpenters ink that is mixed with thinner solution. Its best to use textile paint for flower leaves because its harmless and its mixed with water.
Cover the sponge with lentil. we will group the lentil to parts and then with help of glue and wire we will decorate it on to sponge. Lentil small green plants are suitable duo for cover empty spaces between dried flower leaves.
Tulip flower (sozani) is one of the dried flowers that can be found in nature, which means it will grow and dry in short period of time.
This flower is native to Iran. we will use handful of this tulips to decorate inside of the basket. Then we soak green leave in dry glycine or spray it with gold spray paint. To achieve harmony, we would place this leave prior in basket and then we would form long branches from behind the basket. decorate the basket with “Balang” and dried Pumpkin. We should place this arrangement of fruits and leaves on fireplace or front kitchen column. Pay attention that dried flower leaves have kind of messy formation.

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