Bath and bathroom decoration

Bath and bathroom in some homes are only used for their purpose and no more attention and time is payed to them. Redecoration and altering this space which is used every day by family members and almost every guest sees it can be very useful.
Maybe you are interested in decorating your bathroom but don’t know how to while keeping it simple or you just can’t decide, below topics might be useful to you.
• Few tips for decoration
There are many ways to decorate the bathroom but the hard part is picking one of these methods. If your method is to decorate it with small and pricey decorative objects, make sure before placing this picked item in the room, think of scale and placement, perhaps placing a single item would seem so right but proportion of this item with other items like mirror, medicine cabinet and …. Won’t match.
One more common mistake in decorating bath and bathroom, is usage of few different design and patterns. For example, the walls have different patterns than towels and both of this are unmatched
With bathroom curtain and matt. Such arrangement results in confusion in mind and even frustration. Best path to take is mix two patterns or colors etc. for example use plants or fish tile.
• Few ideas
You can create harmony, decorate the bathroom like other spaces in the home or choose a theme that is totally different and isolated from the rest.
For example, if you like the beach you choose that theme for the bathroom, paint the walls light blue or beige color of sand choose the color and to boost this idea place two pictures.
Important point is what ever the concept in your mind is best to keep flooring, walls and shelves neutral and try to decorate with small trinkets and objects. Following this method, you don’t need to dish out lot of money if you want to change the theme.
• Modern
For people who like mechanical and modern themes, decorating the bathroom would be interesting task, equipping sensor detection sanitation for hand wash and shower heads. So many variations for shower head there are the ones with several outputs and adjustable with multiple outputs available in market. The sensor detected hand wash is worth the investment and would save you on water bills.
• Relaxation
If you want to go down the path of relaxation and simplicity, to achieve this goal you need to use brighter colors. Bright colors makes the room look bigger and give you moral boost. If you are not allergic to scents you could use natural scented items perhaps lavender.
Scent of this plant is light and make scented items for available form this particular plant like scented candles and hanging items with cover, soaps etc. are available in market. Decorating with natural items like wood and stones and also natural or artificial green plants – (not big red and yellow artificial plants) also helps to give it a clam feeling when you enter the space.
• Childish taste
Decorating toilet and bathroom that attracts child, will boost their interest in keeping clean and organized while brings special happiness and attraction to the house. Ask your child in their vision and eye what interest them the most for example a book or a story they like.
Do they like animal and fish or maybe jungle? Finding a themed shower curtain, towel, soap holder or tooth brush is not so hard. For decorating the wall, you could use your own ability or use photos.
Keep in mind reading few magazine and catalog or roaming the shops could motivate your creative mind and boost your decision making. The most important point is keeping in mind that the stuff you buy for this purpose you will see and notice them “every day” and “several times”, so pay attention and keep other family members taste in mind so that you wont dislike as the time goes by .

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