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Balance, symmetry, simplicity in interior design

Interior decoration can be as hard as rock or soft as wax. But if we learn the basic of this art, you toke the first step to soften the rock.
Make a basic sketch plan from your home or office and dimensions of room, hall, and windows and mark the placements precisely. Check where the electrical sockets are located. Don’t forget the groves and shelve. Now that you made the sketch plan, keep it with you where ever you go shopping.
• Try to understand what is your own ideal concept and favorite design. To achieve this, you need put in time and effort. Magazines, TV shows and internet could be a good source for you. In different TV shows, in shops and friends and family’s home, any where you go have an eye out for how objects are arranged, check out what style and color you like the most.
• Mark you’re the special spots that you have in mind. Placement of fire place, shelves, tall mirrors and cabinets, are in group of places that when arranging other objects should come in mind.
• Write down style and design that you have in mind for one the rooms with detail. Writing down the details Is very important. “one set of comfy chairs”. Write down one set of chairs with natural colors and light strong wood vein marks, be specific for example don’t write down “one cottage carpet, a photo frame, a clay pot”.
• Choose something and design around that. For example, china ware or small postcard which of course each one has to have color and design and pattern that is to your liking in a way. This way you can start you have something and you can choose other objects based on this.
• Before you go on shopping spree, keep in mind the harmony between floor and wall and curtains.
• For shopping first start big. Carpet, curtain and sofas. Rest of items that you buy should have same design color and be in complete harmony with other bigger objects
• Keep in mind a mixer of design and logos for decorating your room: big, small, rectangular, stripes, geometry patterns, simple.
• Don’t block the pathway. Which means do the furniture arrangement logical and simple so you can get to different locations in home with ease. When arranging and decorating furniture keep in mind the paths that you take in home.

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